About Us


First of all – Welcome to Gifts For A Girl! I am so glad you visited our website. I hope you’ll find some lovely gifts to give your daughter, niece, sister, granddaughter or just a friendly, smashing girl who you think is brilliant and deserves a treat!

The Idea for Gifts For A Girl

The idea for the website was born a couple of Christmas’s ago whilst I sat at my computer late at night trying to get Christmas sorted! I’m a mum to 3 daughters. It’s hectic here! Time is precious. I searched heaps of websites, all the main ones. But I really didn’t have the time to look through 2 million search results, which ‘gifts for girls’ had produced.  I wanted a hand picked selection box of stylish and beautiful gifts ready to purchase that would last – in interest and quality.  I love Christmas but I was so frustrated – I just wanted it DONE, ticked off my list, finito! Research began into starting my own online store.


Supporting Abandoned Children

I have long had a heart felt passion to support charities that provide actual physical help and support for abandoned children. I decided that 10 % of the profit I make at giftsforagirl.co.uk would go directly to orphanages and charities who spend their time rescuing, caring, feeding and educating abandoned and trafficked girls and boys. The charity I currently support is Ratanak UK.

So there you have it – the idea of www.giftsforagirl.co.uk came from a frustrating Christmas and a passion for change.

The Research Team

Gifts For A Girl features a hand picked collection of high quality, stylish and heirloom gifts for girls aged 0 – 16 years. The collection is truly ‘hand picked’ and heavily scrutinised by the research team which consists of myself, my three daughters, daddy and occasionally grandma and grandad – we are a picky bunch. I never sell anything we wouldn’t want to receive as gifts ourselves. You’ll find gifts of keepsake quality that have some longevity and meaning. I also feature the occasional ‘wow’ or ‘ahhh’ gift too. I’ve shared these with you because I thought they were great!

Moulin Roty Flower Press - start collecting leaves and flowers and create floral pictures
Flower Press – Great present for creating floral pictures.

I’ve tried to simplify gift shopping for girls for you as I only feature the best items I find.  I don’t sell gifts anywhere else – just through our own giftsforagirl.co.uk website – so you won’t find me selling these special gifts anyway else at differing prices.


So please take advantage of our fussy standards and feel free to use me as your personal shopper.

Best Wishes,





Hayley Gray – Owner