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Girl Gifts – Our Top Picks for 2019

Gifts For A Girl - girl cuddling teddy bear

Girl Gifts – You’ll only find high quality, stylish and beautiful gifts here.

Short of time and want the best girl gifts for friends an family? You’ll save time by looking for special gifts in our hand picked collection of luxury gifts. Gifts wrapping is standard and free on smaller items. Choose from…

  • Disney Boutique dresses,

  • soft toys from Denmark and France,

  • awesome mechanical ride on animals that move as you push on the foot bars,

  • embroidery and craft kits,

  • den kits designed by teachers,

  • heirloom jewellery,

  • on trend hair accessories and more.

There’s many more gifts to discover on our website but here’s our top picks of the high quality gifts available in 2019.


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Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Christmas wrapping ideas from

Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Well, it’s nearly Christmas, are you looking for last minute Christmas Wrapping Ideas? You probably, like me, have a wardrobe full of presents for each member of the family and close friends.  It’s been hard enough hiding the gifts from prying eyes so now is the time to wrap them all up for the big day. There’s gifts of all shapes and sizes so it’s good to get some expert advice of how to wrap the perfect box as well as the peculiar shaped presents.

You can make life easy and buy a gift box from a high street shop, buy beautiful gift wrap from boutiques or go for an ethical gift wrap option of a fabric bag or scarf.

Here’s some last minute tips on video (so you can watch while you wrap) to help take the stress out of wrapping those gifts.

Christmas Wrapping Ideas with Jane Means


For more awesome christmas wrapping ideas take a look at 5 minute crafts tips below.


Ethical Gifts Wrapping Ideas

Here’s a few ethical ideas of what you can use to wrap your gift. Use..

  • cloth gift bags
  • twine rather than tape
  • a scarf which also is a present
  • old road maps
  • previously used wrapping paper

If you have any exciting and /or ethical ways of wrapping your presents we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at

Happy Wrapping!


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Christmas Gifts For Teenage Girls

Christmas gifts for teenage girls at

Christmas Gifts For Teenage Girls and Tweens

Your guide to Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls and Tweens. When your little one is no longer little and the good old days of buying cute toys is over. What do you do? I’ve not been keen to buy any more electronic stuff – we all sit in the lounge and everyone’s head is in technology. These gadgets need regularly updating as they are ‘out of date’ very quickly. I also like to give gifts that last as well as being stylish. I’ve included the top gifts for teen and tween girls. Gifts include cool travel accessories to keep in their handbag, contemporary embroidery and craft kits, heirloom jewellery to keep forever, elegant trinket dishes for their dressing table and colourful hair accessories to wear everyday.

Glamorous Travel Accessories

These ‘on trend’ travel accessories include a ‘Neat and Tidy’ manicure set to keep those nails clean and filed, ‘Tunes’ Headphone Pouch to tidy up those earphone cables, a ‘Pocket Money’ card holder for card passes and £ notes, a ‘Let’s go home’ key ring for school locker keys and front door keys as well as the #no filter compact mirror to make sure you’re always looking perfect for those selfies!!!!


Creative Craft Kits

These are not your average craft kits. They all come with everything you will need to complete your own work of art minus the scissors!

Porcelain Dishes, Bowls and Jars

This is a super collection of beautifully decorated porcelain diahes, bowls and jars – the perfect place to keep your jewellery, trinkets and mid-night treats!


Heirloom Jewellery For Your Special Girl

Beautiful, elegant 18ft gold and sterling silver jewellery with high quality lockets and characters. The characters are quite weighty – you can feel their quality.

Hair Accessories for Teens and Tweens

Bold, vibrant and bejewelled hair accessories for your growing ‘mover and shaker’.


If you have tween and teenage daughters, granddaughters, nieces and friends to impress this Christmas I hope we’ve taken the heat out of some of the stress this year.

Most important of all – have a happy and healthy Christmas.

Best wishes,




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Christmas Gifts for Girls 2018

Christmas Gifts for Girls 2018 - girls with tree

Our Top Christmas Gifts for Girls 2018

Christmas time is just around the corner and everyone is thinking about what they are going to give their loved ones in 2018.   We have been searching far and wide for that extra special gift for your daughters, sisters, nieces and friends. Lots of new gifts have been arriving that will make you the ‘coolest’ person ever. So to make gift buying easier this year we’ve created a list of our top picks for christmas gifts for girls. Gifts for a Girl specialises in stylish, high quality gifts that will last so you don’t have to worry about their condition or caliber.

  1. New for Autumn 2018 – Sleeping Sloth on the Moon lamp

    These cute sloth lamps have just arrived. They are the bees knees!! £34 with free delivery. Free gift wrapping.

Sloth lamp - childrens night light
Sloth lamp – children’s night light


2. Alice Doll by Moulin Roty

Alice is a beautiful doll with long blond brush-able hair. She arrives in a jumper and trouser outfit with pretty pink shoes. You can also get a pyjamas set and a pink dress as extra accessories. Children love changing her clothes for different occasions. Alice comes in a pink gift box, gift wrapped as standard. Alice Doll £37.75, Accessories £17.99

Christmas Gifts for a Girl


2. Little Wardrobe Suitcase with Rabbit and Mouse 

This is a customer favourite and there’s a reason why – it is adorable! Rabbit and Mouse arrive with a wardrobe full of clothes. Children spend hours playing with these two cute characters. The best thing about this gift is that the toys and clothes which come with little clothes hangers can be packed away in the suitcase. Ideal for travelling to friends, taking on holiday or just keeping things tidy at home. £49.99

Gifts For Girls - Gifts For Girl UK

3. Disney Boutique Collection – Aurora Party Dress

Look the part at your Christmas celebrations in this elegant Aurora Dress by Disney Boutique. It also arrives with a matching headband to complete the look. Supplied on a rose gold hanger with Disney branding.  £35

Disney Aurora Pink Dress for girls. jpg
Disney Aurora Pink Dress for girls


4.  Get Adventurous with Your Little Ones

These top den kits include everything you’ll need for making the perfect den including wooden hammer! Grab a parent, grandparent or friend and get outside and explore the garden or your nearest park and build a den. Snuggle up in the floral blanket that’s included in the pack!

christmas gifts for girls - den kit bag
christmas gifts for girls – den kit bag

5. Ride on Horse – Mechanical Horse with Wheels

This is a superb present! Let’s face it – nothing is going to beat this soft cuddly ride on horse. Not only is it adorable to touch but it’s great exercise too! Just push down on the foot rest bars and the horse moves forward.

Ride on Horse with child riding - brown large - mechanical horse on wheels
Ride on Horse with child riding – brown large – mechanical horse on wheels


6. Tea Anyone? 

A great gift for busy children. For those who love role play this cute spotty red ceramic tea set is perfect.


We hunt out the best products you can find to bring you a curated collection of luxury, stylish and high quality gifts for your wonderful family and special friends.

There’s a special section for Christmas Gifts For Teen Girls.

If you have any queries or questions about any of the gifts featured please contact us at, we’re here to help!

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Ride on Horse Toy – a mechanical ride on horse with wheels!

Ride On Horse toy - head and bridle - medium size

The Best Quality Ride on Horse Toy for 3 – 8+ year olds

Make you child’s day, this beautiful plush ride on horse toy makes the perfect present for anyone who loves horses. This superb mechanical horse on wheels moves forward by pushing down on the foot rest bars.  Each ride on animal has an amazing steel driving system that enables children to steer with the handles and move the animal along on high quality durable wheels. These ride on toys are so much fun to ride and great exercise at the same time. It’s a shame they don’t make adult sizes!

Watch the video clip for more information about ride on toy horses to ride for 3 years old to 8 + years.

Indoor and Outdoor

The speciality of our steerable animals is that your child can ride them indoors or outdoors at walking pace following his or her natural body movement. We offer different types of animals such as Zebras, Lions, Elephants and Reindeer for various age groups.  They stand out from the rest through having soft plush bodies, their robust steel frames and an innovative steering system. The materials used are of high quality.

3 colours and 3 sizes

There are 3 colours to choose from our beautiful plush ride on horse toy range. Maharaja in Black, Snowy in White and Amadeus in Brown. They are available in 3 different sizes for 3 – 5 years, 6- 7 years and 8+years.

These ride on toy animals make the best presents ever!



More info on Maharaja the Ride on Horse Toy Black



More info on Amadeus the Ride on Horse 





More info on Snowy the Ride on Horse 

Excellent Exercise

Animal Riding ride on animals offer so much fun and are excellent exercise as the waist, the arms, the legs and the abdomen get stimulated while the back muscles are also strengthened.

Free UK Delivery

Your ride on horse toy will be despatched within 4 working days from receipt of order.

Other Animals Available

Other ride on toy animals include a Ride on ReindeerRide on TigerRide on LionRide on Zebra and Ride On Elephant.

CE EN71 certified, compliant to UK and EU regulations.