Christmas Gifts For Teenage Girls

Christmas Gifts For Teenage Girls and Tweens

Your guide to Christmas Gifts for Teenage Girls and Tweens. When your little one is no longer little and the good old days of buying cute toys is over. What do you do? I’ve not been keen to buy any more electronic stuff – we all sit in the lounge and everyone’s head is in technology. These gadgets need regularly updating as they are ‘out of date’ very quickly. I also like to give gifts that last as well as being stylish. I’ve included the top gifts for teen and tween girls. Gifts include cool travel accessories to keep in their handbag, contemporary embroidery and craft kits, heirloom jewellery to keep forever, elegant trinket dishes for their dressing table and colourful hair accessories to wear everyday.

Glamorous Travel Accessories

These ‘on trend’ travel accessories include a ‘Neat and Tidy’ manicure set to keep those nails clean and filed, ‘Tunes’ Headphone Pouch to tidy up those earphone cables, a ‘Pocket Money’ card holder for card passes and £ notes, a ‘Let’s go home’ key ring for school locker keys and front door keys as well as the #no filter compact mirror to make sure you’re always looking perfect for those selfies!!!!


Creative Craft Kits

These are not your average craft kits. They all come with everything you will need to complete your own work of art minus the scissors!

Porcelain Dishes, Bowls and Jars

This is a super collection of beautifully decorated porcelain diahes, bowls and jars – the perfect place to keep your jewellery, trinkets and mid-night treats!


Heirloom Jewellery For Your Special Girl

Beautiful, elegant 18ft gold and sterling silver jewellery with high quality lockets and characters. The characters are quite weighty – you can feel their quality.

Hair Accessories for Teens and Tweens

Bold, vibrant and bejewelled hair accessories for your growing ‘mover and shaker’.


If you have tween and teenage daughters, granddaughters, nieces and friends to impress this Christmas I hope we’ve taken the heat out of some of the stress this year.

Most important of all – have a happy and healthy Christmas.

Best wishes,