Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Well, it’s nearly Christmas, are you looking for last minute Christmas Wrapping Ideas? You probably, like me, have a wardrobe full of presents for each member of the family and close friends.  It’s been hard enough hiding the gifts from prying eyes so now is the time to wrap them all up for the big day. There’s gifts of all shapes and sizes so it’s good to get some expert advice of how to wrap the perfect box as well as the peculiar shaped presents.

You can make life easy and buy a gift box from a high street shop, buy beautiful gift wrap from boutiques or go for an ethical gift wrap option of a fabric bag or scarf.

Here’s some last minute tips on video (so you can watch while you wrap) to help take the stress out of wrapping those gifts.

Christmas Wrapping Ideas with Jane Means


For more awesome christmas wrapping ideas take a look at 5 minute crafts tips below.


Ethical Gifts Wrapping Ideas

Here’s a few ethical ideas of what you can use to wrap your gift. Use..

  • cloth gift bags
  • twine rather than tape
  • a scarf which also is a present
  • old road maps
  • previously used wrapping paper

If you have any exciting and /or ethical ways of wrapping your presents we’d love to hear from you. Please email us at

Happy Wrapping!