Moulin Roty – Where did it all begin?

Moulin Roty

Their toys and dolls are designed with great finesse and acute attention to detail.

But how did it all start?

The story starts in France.  A group of friends had a common goal. They wanted to create a project that would provide work and allow them to live a certain way of life.  In 1972, an old windmill was purchased in a little hamlet called Moulin Roty (which I’m told means windmill on the hill).  After renovating it, the friends along with their families, move in and live together as a commune.

First Products Created

In the beginning they set up a workshop and create furniture, lamps and jewellery. In 1975 the entrepreneurial team created a small car made from wood, foam and fabric. This became their first mass produced product. Later a fabric doll known as ‘Douillette’ is created along with a rabbit, elf and mouse.

In 1988, the company move to Nort-Sur-Erde when a fire destroys a large section of the workshop. At that time the Company also became a SCOP ( Production Workers Cooperative Society ) which complements the values of the group – solidarity, sharing and respect.

During the 1990’s the company developed a range of traditional classic toys including wooden toys.

Flower Press by Moulin Roty
Start making beautiful pictures with this high quality wooden Flower Press.
Small Wooden Tool Box by Moulin Roty
A great first tool kit












In the year 2000, the company moved away from the traditional pink and blue colours and consequently introduced a more vibrantly coloured world which continues to this day.

Kiwi Soft Toy by Moulin Roty
The speckled plumage is adorable!
Blue Koala in Gift Box by Moulin Roty
Lovely soft, cuddly turquoise koala bear.










Heirloom Quality

The company now produces a range of fabulous dolls, wooden tool kits, a flower press and a range of quirky and adorable soft toys and furniture, most noteworthy, all are made with high specifications for longevity and a great flare for design.

Beautiful Fabrics

The dolls in Les Parisiennes range are quite special indeed because the amount of fabric bought allows for only a limited number of dolls to be made.

Mademoiselle Colette Doll by Moulin Roty part of Les Parisiennes range 642-514
A lovely doll.

New editions arrive using different colours or patterns, therefore making each doll a fairly unusual piece of history. These toys are made to last and that’s what Gifts For A Girl is all about – gifts that are of high quality, stylish and heirlooms of tomorrow.