Ride On Horse toy - head and bridle - medium size

September 08, 2018

Ride on Horse Toy – a mechanical ride on horse with wheels!

The Best Quality Ride on Horse Toy for 3 – 8+ year olds Make you child’s day, this beautiful plush ride on horse toy makes the perfect present for anyone who loves horses. This superb mechanical horse on wheels moves forward by pushing down on the foot rest bars.  Each ride on animal has an amazing […]

party games for girls photo by lidya nada 744072 via unsplash

August 30, 2018

Party Games for Girls and Boys

Party Games for Girls and Boys – a Mum’s Guide The party date is set, rsvp’s are coming in. The stress of occupying a heap of children for 2 hours is setting in – that’s if you haven’t decided to get an entertainer or paid for everyone to go Baby Ballet, Street Dance or Canoeing […]

books for girls - little people big dreams

April 17, 2018

Books for Girls

Books for Girls – For Girly Girls, Adventurous Girls, Scientific Girls, Brave Girls. This selection of inspiring books for girls is not just about girly things but about awesome adventures that girls over the last 300 years have endured to make a real difference upon the world we live in today. It’s a great boost […]

Truly Lovely Den Kit

April 03, 2018

10 Easter Activity Ideas for Girls

10 Easter Activity Ideas for Girls in 2018 After all the chocolate eggs have been demolished, we’ve still got a week or two to occupy the family. Here’s 10 Easter Activity Ideas for Girls not involving any electronic devices or electricity! Try some good old fashioned fun like building a den, looking at dirt under […]

Dolls for Girls - Alice Doll

February 21, 2018

Dolls for Girls

Dolls for Girls – Rag Dolls, French Dolls, Pretty Dolls Enter the world of dolls for girls and you’ll be amazed at the choice available. We’ve tried and tested dolls of all shapes and sizes of differing budgets – some with hair, some without. Some lasted only 5 minutes before a leg fell off! After much […]

silver heart necklace engraved with 'to the moon and back' with a 18ct gold moon

February 19, 2018

Best Gifts For Girls

Best Gifts for Girls – age 1 to 16 years Girls of all ages love beautiful, thoughtful gifts for birthdays and christmas from loved ones as well as random gifts that say ‘Thank you’, Well done’ or ‘You’re Special’. At ‘Gifts for A Girl’ we bring you high quality, stylish gifts that will bring a […]