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3D Microscope – Microscoping with this high quality stereo micropscope is a real eye opener!

This binocular style 3D microscope from Thames and Kosmos is so easy to use for children and adults as you’re not trying to cover or shut one eye to get a clear focus on what your viewing through the lens. There’s an amazing micro world to explore.    Included in the package is 2 x 5mm lens and 2 x 10mm lens. Keep your microscope to hand to see all sorts of interesting natural oddities. Grab some dirt from the garden and bring in a leaf or two and put it under the microscope and see what you can see.

Both eyepieces use a 10x  or 5 x magnification lens and the microscope has a built-in LED light which makes it easy to view intricate details. The Stereo Microscope kit comes with everything needed for general fieldwork.

Items to look at through the microscope:

  • bank note
  • leaf
  • soil
  • your own finger
  • insects
  • rocks
  • snow

To be used by children aged 8 years and older.

Size Guide

Box: 49cm x 33cm x 13 cm

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