Baby White Bunny Necklace – Hand Painted Porcelain


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Bunny Necklace – A real keepsake

This baby bunny necklace is such a cute gift and is made from beautifully hand painted porcelain. The bunny is decorated with a baby pink ribbon bow. These hand painted necklaces have amazing detailed features that make the white bunny look adorable.  You will treasure and wear this endearing necklace for years to come. Each chain is adjustable from 18″ to 22″.  This item is made from porcelain and can be fragile. Suitable for 8+ years.

Designed and hand finished in Scotland.

Other hand painted porcelain necklaces in the series include a chihuahua,  brown rabbit, white rabbit with gold bow, pug with a pink bowdappled grey horse, hedgehog, tabby cat, black and white cat and a white cat.

Size Guide

3cm x 1.6cm x 1.8cm

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